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Oversight Framework

The Department defines in its Oversight Framework the ways in which it expects Manx Care to report on performance, establishing a single point of reference for reporting and assurance. The Oversight Framework will provide a clear approach to measuring performance of health and care services across the whole system, whilst respecting the operational independence and autonomy of individual organisations. The Framework seeks to align the strategic priorities defined within the Mandate against the operational priorities of Manx Care, other relevant service providers commissioned and identified through the Mandate, to directly provide health and care services. The Oversight Framework sets out agreed baselines and projected service levels, quality standards, performance metrics, predicted outcomes and benefits for Service Users, and the methodologies for performance measurement and reporting.

Oversight Framework Metrics and References

Oversight Framework Performance (updated January 2023)

Mandate to Manx Care

The Mandate outlines the Department’s requirements of Manx Care as the provider of health and care services for the residents of the Isle of Man and those who visit and require those services, where regulations allow. The Mandate sets out the services required, the funding available and the obligations and limitations of the delivery of the services. The period of each Mandate year is 1 April to the 31 March. 

Mandate to Manx Care 2021/22

Mandate to Manx Care 2022/23

Mandate to Manx Care 2023/24 – due to be published March 2023.

Annual Assessment of Manx Care

Part 6, 32 (3) of the Manx Care Act 2001 instructs the Department to publish and lay before Tynwald an annual assessment of Manx Care.

Assessment of Manx Care 2021/22

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