Community nursing

Community nursing encompasses:

  • District nursing multi skilled teams
  • Health visiting multi skilled teams
  • School nursing multi skilled teams
  • Safeguarding children services
  • Family planning nursing
  • Prison health care nursing staff
  • Specialist nursing in Parkinson's disease, continence and transfer of care

The care delivered by these community nurses ranges from pre birth to the end of life; from prevention to palliation. The context and environment within which community nurses deliver this care is equally diverse.

Nursing and health visiting teams in the community are the mainstay of locally-delivered health care across the Isle of Man. The vast majority of contacts with the Health Service take place in the home and in local community settings such as health centres, GP practices or schools where nurses and health visitors deliver care, treatment and support. We are also fortunate to have Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital in the north of our community.

The work of nurses and health visitors in the community encompasses the promotion of health, healing, growth and development, as well as the prevention and treatment of disease, illness, injury and disability.

Community-based nurses and health visitors, and the health care assistants who work with them, enable people to achieve, maintain or recover independence where possible, and minimise distress and promote quality of life where it is not.