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Care Planning Standards

Care Planning Standards are a way of organising care for people with mental health problems. If you use the Mental Health Service, it is important that you receive the care that you need. The best way for us to understand your needs is for you, as the service user, to join us in planning your own care. Sometimes it can be helpful to involve other people in this process.

The Care Planning Standards Policy provides the framework for all patients receiving care and treatment from the Isle of Man Mental Health Service, whether under the Care Programme Approach or, for those with less complex needs, Standard Care.

Arising from the earlier Care Programme Approach Policy (2007), the Care Planning Standards (CPS) Policy incorporates changes arising from feedback received in training and policy review sessions in 2014 and 2015.

The Care Planning Standards Policy will assist staff to deliver personalised care, within an ethos of recovery, in all approaches to assessments, care planning, co-ordination and review.

There is now a requirement that every service user open to the Mental Health Service will have an individual care plan and risk management plan, which they have been involved in developing, and which is based on a thorough assessment of their health and social care needs. The service user, and those involved in their care, should receive a copy of that care plan.

For further information regarding Care Planning Standards, please view the downloadable document on this page.

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