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Media enquiries

We have designed this section to focus on your needs as a member of a media organisation or broadcasting industry. We would welcome any comments or suggestions about how we could improve the information provided here, please see contact details below. crash card scheme

The Health and Social Care works to foster positive relations with media organisations and journalists both on and off the Isle of Man. As a public body, the Department understands the important role the media plays in reporting on the activity of the Department of Health. Equally the Department understands the importance of the media as a channel to reach the public in matters relating to the Department, as well as developments in healthcare and wellbeing.

Given the often sensitive nature of healthcare, the Department of Health and Social Care has procedures and policies in place for working with the media that ensure protection of patient safety, privacy and dignity, which will always be our primary concern.

In the first instance all media enquiries must be directed to the ate Communications Service, which incorporates the Department's Press Office function, please see contact details below.  

Staff and patient interviews and filming at Department premises

All requests for staff and patient interviews, photographs, and permission to interview/film at Department of Health premises must be made through the PR and Communications Team.

Media organisations and journalists are welcome to contacDavid Andersont the Department's PR and Communications Team for interviews with the Department's officers and, where appropriate, medical staff. On occasion, patients are also sometimes happy to be interviewed, although for obvious reasons a patient interview cannot be guaranteed and can often involve certain restrictions.

Under no circumstances may interviews, filming or photography be carried out in or on any Department of Health premises without the express permission of the PR and Communications Team. Those carrying out filming, recording or photography without permission, will be requested to leave the site immediately. 

Plan for major incidents

Should a major incident occur the Department of Health has a Major Incident Plan that includes arrangements for the media.

The media will be given regular updates on the situation via the PR and Communications Team; this may be by news release or media briefing. Depending on the type of incident, information will be provided about opportunities for photographs, filming and interviews.

All media organisations are requested to contact the Department of Health's PR and Communications Team during an emergency situation as it will reduce the number of calls going into the affected areas.

Patient confidentiality

The Department of Health and Social Care always put patient confidentially and dignity at the heart of everything it does. Interaction with the media on sensitive matters relating to healthcare relies on a respect for patient confidentiality and adherence to strict rules and criteria.

We will not give out any information about a patient unless we are given permission from the individual or their next of kin.

Access to photographs

Photographs are available from the Department of Health and Social Care’s Flickr Photostream at

Contact details

Communications Executive - Health and Social Care

Corporate Communications Service

Isle of Man Government

Cabinet Office

3rd Floor

Government Office

Bucks Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 686243

Email:Send Email

We will always deal with your query as promptly as possible, but it should be noted that access to the most appropriate personnel may not always be possible at short notice. Our normal working hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5.30pm
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