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Mandate Framework

Mandate - DHSC relationship with Manx Care

The Department is responsible for supporting the planning and assurance of health and social care services on the island. Our health services are primarily delivered by Manx Care, which is an arms-length, operationally independent statutory board, directly providing health and social care services.

The Department manages this relationship and the quality standards for health and social care services, with two key documents/processes:

  1. The Mandate Framework
  2. The Mandate to Manx Care

Assurance means making sure that what needs to be happening, is happening in practice. Our systems to do this are continuously developing, and this means that we regularly review the Mandate Framework and the Mandate.   

The Mandate Framework

The Mandate Framework sets out our approach to measuring the performance of health and social care services across the whole system, whilst respecting the operational independence and autonomy of individual organisations. The Framework seeks to align the strategic priorities defined within the Mandate with the operational priorities of Manx Care and other service providers commissioned through the Mandate.

As set out in the Framework, we meet with Manx Care regularly, to review a wide range of metrics, and to discuss progress made against the objectives detailed within the Mandate. The Framework also supports the continuing development of the relationship between the Department and Manx Care which is key to success for both parties.

The Framework, Mandate and supporting Service Specifications, look to set out:

  • performance metrics
  • predicted outcomes and benefits for service users
  • the methodologies for performance measurement and reporting

When assessing the performance of health and care services and the work being undertaken by Manx Care against the objectives set in each Mandate, we will review:

  • Care Group performance data
  • inspection report action plans
  • financial data
  • complaints data
  • serious incident reporting

2021/22 Mandate Performance

2022/23 Oversight Framework Performance

2024/25 Mandate Framework

Mandate to Manx Care

The Mandate outlines the Department's requirements of Manx Care as the provider of health and social care on the Isle of Man. The Mandate sets out the services required, the funding available and the obligations and limitations of the delivery of the services. It also provides Manx Care with our longer-term strategic objectives and focuses on outcomes for our population, in line with the vision set by Our Island Plan.

This document is updated every year, in consultation with colleagues in Manx Care, Public Health, and the Health and Care Transformation Project. The period of each Mandate year is 1 April to 31 March.

Mandate to Manx Care 2021/22

Mandate to Manx Care 2022/23

Mandate to Manx Care 2023/24

Mandate to Manx Care 2024/25

Mandate 2024/25 Infographic

Annual Assessment of Manx Care

Part 6, 32 (3) of the Manx Care Act 2001 instructs the Department to publish and lay before Tynwald an annual assessment of Manx Care.

Assessment of Manx Care 2021/22

Assessment of Manx Care 2022/23

Service Specifications

Integrated Sexual Health Service 1.1 December 2023

ME / CFS and Long Covid Service (Adults 18 years and over) April 2024

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