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Integrated Care

integrated-care-visionIn September 2018, the Isle of Man Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) launched a new document entitled ‘Delivering Longer Healthier Lives’. This document outlines the new vision for the delivery of integrated health and social care services to people in the Isle of Man.

This vision and a substantial body of work related to it, is a key aspect of the DHSC five-year strategy, approved unanimously by Tynwald in October 2015. The key goal of this work delivery is ‘to help people stay well in their own homes and communities, avoiding hospital or residential care wherever possible’.

The Vision document shows how integrated care works in communities, based on experience elsewhere. It is not a strategy or an action plan. Integrated care systems are being adopted across the UK and around the world. This approach is widely accepted as best for the individual, in offering joined-up, wrap-around services; and for health providers, its aim is to reduce demand for costly, hospital-centred services.

Residents over the age of 18 registered at Peel Medical Centre (West of the Island) are assisting the Pilot Programme Team to lay the foundations for the Department of Health & Social Care to achieve its strategic objective of implementing integrated care across the Isle of Man 

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