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Independent Review Bodies

As outlined in the Department’s complaints process, there is a process of independent review accessible by any person in respect of the Isle of Man health and social care services.

Where all stages of investigation have been completed by either the provider themselves, or the Department in respect of the administration of the complaint - a complaint maybe still be made directly by the complainant to the relevant Independent Review Body for either the NHS or Social Services.

The Complaints Regulations* set out how complaints are handled and considered by the Department for services provided under the NHS Act 2001, and the remit of the two IRBs.

These Regulations have been updated in light of the establishment of Manx Car to ensure complaints about services should be able to be dealt with by Manx Care and can continue to be referred to the relevant IRB. 

The Independent Review Body Panel, if convened, will consist of three people who are independent of the Department of Health, a Chairperson, a Convenor and one other person (a lay member). The Panel will also obtain any specialist advice which it feels is needed. After the hearing a report will be prepared setting out the results of the investigation, together with its conclusions and any. Further details of the role of the Independent Review Body are contained in the downloadable patient leaflet.

The Independent Review Body can be contacted in writing at the following address:

Independent Review Body

PO Box 281


IM99 2SH

Email:Send Email

*National Health Service (Complaints) Regulations 2004, National Health Service (Independent Review Body) Regulations 2004 and the Social Services Independent Review Body Regulations 2014.

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