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Any Clinician suspecting an infectious disease is required by Law under the Isle of Man Public Health Act 1990, Section II to notify the Public Health Directorate.

The prime purpose of notifications is to expedite detection of possible outbreaks and epidemics. Clinical suspicion of a notifiable disease is all that is required. 

The Director of Public Health requests that Doctors do not wait for laboratory confirmation before notification as waiting may have Public Health implications.  

Statutory Notifications are an important way of: 

  • monitoring trends in infectious diseases
  • Alerting the Public Health Directorate ensures that immediate action is taken to prevent the spread of the disease

Enabling Public Health to measure the incidence rates of an infectious disease and monitor changes which could signal an outbreak which may need further investigation and the introduction of special control measures.

Public Health Act 1990 - Schedule 2 – Notifiable Diseases Section 19(1) page 77

Public Health Act 1990 – Public Health (Notifiable Diseases) Order 2011

If you are notified of a case of infectious disease in a child or member of staff, please report it to the Health Protection Team (HPT) as soon as possible - not all infections require exclusion.

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