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The Public Health Directorate - Health Protection Team (HPT) plan and deliver effective services which co-ordinate, strengthen and support activities to protect all the people on the Isle of Man from infectious diseases and environmental hazards.

We do this by providing advice, support and information to health professionals, government departments, the general public and a number of other bodies that play an important part in protecting health.

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Guidance on Infections: Nurseries, Schools and other Childcare Settings

Download the Guidance on Infections booklet

Download the Infectious Diseases Exclusions Guidance
(This replaces the poster 'Guidance on infection control in nurseries, schools, workplaces and day centres')

Nurseries and schools are common settings for the transmission of infections.

Children are more susceptible to infections because:

  • They have immature immune systems
  • Have close contact with other children
  • Sometimes have no or incomplete vaccinations
  • Have a poor understanding of hygiene practices

The Guidance on Infections Booklet provides useful information to staff about managing a range of common and important infections across nurseries, schools and other childcare settings.

The guidance is not intended to be used as a tool for diagnosing infectious disease, but to help and direct staff about when and where to seek further advice.

If you are notified of a case of infectious disease in a child or member of staff, please report it to the Health Protection Team (HPT) as soon as possible - not all infections require exclusion.

Diarrhoea and Vomiting

Please refer to one of the following guides for the management of any probable or confirmed diarrhoea and/or vomiting (D&V) outbreak.

Childcare Settings:

Care Home Settings:

Staff have a duty of care to protect themselves and others. Staff should therefore disclose any relevant information or symptoms, and take the necessary action as advised by agencies such as the Public Health Directorate.

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