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Clinical Recommendations Committee (CRC)

The Clinical Recommendations Committee ("CRC") forms part of the Policy Approval Process outlined on the DHSC Webpage – DHSC Clinical Commissioning Policies

In brief the CRC considers each intervention against the ethical framework and assesses the clinical and cost effectiveness of the intervention, the number of people in the population who would benefit from it, the impact it would have on their health and that of their carers/families and the likely cost of providing the intervention to all eligible patients.

For further information on the role of the CRC please see the DHSC Clinical Commissioning Webpage.

Clinical Recommendations Committee Policies

Please follow this link to view DHSC Clinical Commissioning Policies issued since January 2017 onwards.

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For more details visit DHSC Clinical Commissioning

Revised Standard Operating Procedures, Terms of Reference and other documents relating to the work of the CRC and IFR Panel have recently been approved the by the Department and will can be viewed as follows:

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In the meantime if you have any queries please contact:

Clinical Recommendations Committee

Telephone:+44 7624 642646

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Last updated May 2017

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