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Guidance Centre

The purpose of a dedicated Guidance Centre is at act as central communication channel to host information on topics to support day-to-day health delivery.

This will allow health professionals within government or those delivering services externally to access current useful information and advice to support their health care services.

A project is currently in progress to expand this information page further. 

If you have any useful suggestions on health topics or themes not listed or wish to make suggestions on how we can improve on the content of the pages shown please email: or call 642639 for more information.

Clinical Commissioning Funding: Treatments and Drugs
Communicable Disease Control

Closed Consultations:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Health Guidance

Mobile Phone Masts

Evaluations and Reviews
Independent reports

Director of Public Health Annual reports

Intelligence and data

  • Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF)
  • Mortality reporting
  • Surveys

Needs assessments


Programme Delivery

Oral Health


Workplace wellbeing 

Vaccination programmes

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