National Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Strategy 2024-2034

On Tuesday 5 March 2024 the island’s first National Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Strategy was launched. This is a national, cross-government strategy to help us become a more ASC-friendly island. 

Our government recognises that making our island a more ASC-friendly place is not just a health and social care issue, it’s a social policy matter. Social policies aim to improve the welfare of everyone in our community so they can achieve their full potential. 

For this strategy to succeed everyone must play their part. Responsibility cannot rest solely on government or any one sector or organisation; it requires the joint effort of public and private sectors, third sector organisations and the wider community. Together, we can create an environment that fosters understanding, support and inclusivity for those with ASC. A place where barriers are dismantled and differences are accepted as just being a part of life.

Our commitment to this work

To ensure that all areas of Isle of Man government work towards the goal of a more ASC-friendly island our strategy was approved by Tynwald in January 2024.

We have also obtained initial funding of £150,500 to go towards the first year’s work. 

Progress so far

Work has already started across various parts of the public service including:

  • Public Health: They are working on the annual autism acceptance month campaign that will be held in April

  • The Job Centre: They are looking at new training programs so they are more able to support adults with ASC into employment

  • Isle of Man Airport: Became a member of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network and now offer pre-flight visits to familiarise people with the airport building and customer experience

  • Department of Education, Sport and Culture: Joined the Autism Education Trust to provide staff with access to improved training and resources

Keeping track of future progress

An ASC Strategy Steering Group is being created. This will include public servants and people from outside of government who will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the strategy. The group will meet every quarter (3 months) and will be able to set up sub-groups when specific expertise and knowledge is required. 

Six months after the official launch date the group will provide an update on progress so far.

In September 2025, 18 months after the launch date, the group will submit a progress report and plans for the next year to Tynwald. After that they will produce an annual report and action plan every 12 months along with an update to Tynwald. These reports will be made available online along with the minutes from the group’s meetings.

The DHSC Engagement Team will provide an update for the public every 6 months.

When updates will be provided in 2024-2026:

Steering Group

  • September 2024
  • 1st progress report and action plan to Tynwald, September 2025
  • 2nd progress report and action plan to Tynwald, September 2026

DHSC Engagement Team

  • September 2024
  • March 2025
  • September 2025
  • March 2026
  • September 2026

If you have any questions about the strategy or wish to contact the steering group please email or call +44 1624 685816.