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Community Health Services

Community Health Services Team

Community Health Services cover a vast array of services including: 

  • Ambulance and paramedic services
  • Community nursing (including health visiting, district nursing and school nursing)
  • Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital
  • School nursing
  • Family planning
  • Safeguarding children
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Podiatry services
  • Community dentists (including salaried and specialist dental services)
  • Specialist nurses (including Vulnerable Adult, Continence and Parkinson’s nurse)
  • Prison healthcare 

Community Health Services are patient focused; concentrating on the needs of the individual, their family, carers and community. Delivering holistic care, whilst working in partnership with allied agencies in Health and Social Care, we provide patients with a seamless service from birth to later years.  

Community Health Services currently employs 382 members of staff who tirelessly deliver high standards of care to the islands population. In an average day, these services are accessed as follows: 

  • 100 people attend a Community Dental clinic
  • Over 500 people are seen by Community Nurses
  • Approximately 55 patients are treated by Speech and Language Therapists
  • Roughly 80 people are seen by Community Podiatrists
  • Over 100 people are treated by Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital
  • Over 35 people are transported by ambulance to Noble’s Hospital or Ramsey District Cottage Hospital as emergency patients or for routine care. 

Cath‘I am continually impressed by the extraordinary achievements of community health service teams which consist of almost 400 employees working at numerous venues, including patients homes, across the Isle of Man. 

Through a unique combination of talent, dedication and resourcefulness; our staff are ensuring our continued success in providing high quality patient-focused care.’

Cath Quilliam

Community Health Services are headed by the Director of Community Nursing, Cath Quilliam.  

Cath’s career in nursing spans over thirty years – most of which has been spent working in the community setting.  She trained at Liverpool’s Walton/Fazakerley Hospital and moved to the island in 1995, where she worked as a Health Visitor for six years. Her first managerial post was as head of Health Visiting and School Nursing in 2001. 

Cath has also held several roles in the safeguarding of children, and non-medical prescribing; leading on the introduction of nurse prescribing to the island. She became Director of Community Nursing in 2008; and, in addition to this, took up her current role as Head of Community Health Services in 2013.

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