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Transforming care

What is it?

'Transforming Care' is an ongoing project in which many of the vital aspects of patient care are reviewed to ensure that they meet, and where possible, exceed patient expectation.

Why is it needed?

There have been numerous advances in health care over the last decade. It is important to us that whilst advancing the practice of health care we do not lose sight of the fundamental aspects which can matter the most to patients.

What are these fundamental aspects of care?

They include aspects of care such as: privacy and dignity; communicating with patients and relatives; pressure ulcers; food and nutrition, record keeping and caring for vulnerable adults.

What will this mean for patient care?

Patients will be placed at the centre of all hospital activity; where ever possible, hospital routines will be adapted to patient need rather than expecting patients to adapt to hospital routines. Transforming Care is about making significant and sustainable improvements in patient care.

What changes can I expect to see?

A variety of small scale improvements (rather than a few large changes), all of which will directly improve patient care.

Activity report from the Noble's Hospital Transforming Care Groups.

The 6 individual project groups remain very active and have championed many initiatives during 2011; this summary report provides 3 examples from each of the project groups:

Nutrition Action Group

  • Launched the Hydration Campaign
  • Is currently redesigning the hospital menus and producing a diet manual for wards
  • Introduced 'Dining Companions' at ward level to assist nursing staff to provide a conducive environment for meals and to assist any patients who require help to eat their meals

Subgroup lead:

Sue Christie - Dietetics Manager

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Vulnerable Patients Group - Finalists in the 2010 Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence (Public Service Achievement category) and Department of Health Top Team Award

  • Working in partnership with patient representatives for older patients and those with learning disabilities or mental health problems being treated in an acute hospital
  • Sourced champions from each ward and is currently developing a training package for champions to cascade to ward teams
  • Worked with patient representatives to develop and run an Island-wide Vulnerable Adults conference in October 2011

Subgroup lead:

Shelagh Leonard, Senior Nurse Professional Development

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Pressure Ulcer Group

  • Island audit of the Wound Formulary completed
  • Less expensive equipment to prevent heel ulcers have been sourced. Two Business Cases have been presented to the Product Approval Group; we are awaiting the outcome
  • Weekly pressure ulcer reporting continues and the annual prevalence audit has been completed

Subgroup lead:

Pam Fulton, Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse

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Privacy and Dignity Group

  • Making links into the community via Castle Rushen High School
  • Is trialling new products to maximise patients' dignity when undergoing investigations or treatments requiring intimate body contact
  • Working with the electro-cardiograph (ECG) Department to promote patients' dignity when having ECGs recorded

Subgroup lead:

Cathie Quine, Senior Nurse Patient Safety and Governance

Telephone:+44 1624 650234

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Record Keeping Group

  • Developed a work book to assist practitioners to ensure their record keeping supports optimum patient care
  • Actively audited patient records
  • Reviewed all patient documentation

Subgroup lead:

Sandra Pressley, Senior Nurse Practice Development

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Communication Group

  • Conducted a hospital wide audit of communication aids and supplemented those areas where aids were missing or broken
  • Established patient and visitor information boards for each ward
  • Updated patient and visitor information

Subgroup lead:

Wendy Spiers, Lead Nurse, Patient Experience

Telephone:+44 1624 650412

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