Practice development

Helping us to deliver modern, person-centred services to meet the needs of our community.

Practice development is a continuous process of improvement towards increased effectiveness in patient centred care, through the enabling of nurses and health care teams to transform the culture and context of care.

Practice development includes a range of activities with the shared aim of improving the quality of care provided to patients. It is about putting the recipients of care at the centre and listening to the things that they believe and value as a basis for planning improvement.

Enabling and sustaining change is at the heart of practice development. Creative and innovative ways of engaging and motivating colleagues are central.

By integrating practice development the sharing of innovation and best practice across the hospital are enabled.

  • Improving patient care and the patient experience
  • Creating a good place to work and developing staff potential
  • Ensuring that the best evidence informs everyday practice

Practice developers work to embed new and more effective and person-centred ways of working within teams and workplaces.

The practice development approach brings a fresh spark of life into teams and patient or service user care in a different way from other improvement approaches. It is based on specific practice development activities which are strongly influenced by local factors in the team and organisation.

Practice development complements numerous quality and clinical governance methods.

At Noble's Hospital we believe that in order to drive forward continuous improvement, leadership is necessary at every level. Leadership is about inspiring, enabling and transforming others, facilitating and supporting change, developing staff and acting as a role model for others.

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