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Making a Difference

Making a Difference at the Point of Care helps to develop leadership skills from within the health care professionals' role. It is about being able to put your ideas into action.

Who is the programme designed for?

Ideally front-line staff, this includes registered nurses; allied health professionals; healthcare scientists, porters, housekeepers, secretaries and other staff who, as a result of their day to day work, have a direct and immediate impact on patient care.

What is the aim of the programme?

The programme is designed to help all staff understand that they have a key part to play in making a difference for patients. The aim is that by preparing you with additional experiences and skills, you will be better prepared to manage the day-to-day challenges of complex and rapidly changing situations.

The overall focus of Making a Difference is to help staff to:

  • be clear about roles and responsibilities and those of others who work around you
  • appreciate what individuals bring to the team and what others contribute
  • get other people on board with your ideas
  • find things that you can change and work with others to make those changes. Small changes have a big impact
  • understand what it is like to be a patient or visitor and make that experience better for them
  • feel good about your work

What is involved in undertaking the programme?

Participants attend a one and a half day workshop, which is then followed up by half a day 6 weeks later. Participants are expected to undertake a small project in their area.

Evaluation of previous participants who have completed the programme found it to be of value, especially the networking with other staff and an appreciation of the roles of others from across the hospital. Participants felt their confidence and ability to challenge and initiate changes had increased significantly.

So, if you want to make a difference to patient care, no matter how small and gain confidence in challenging the way things are done, as well as feeling re-energised, then call Cathie Quine on +44 1624 650234 or Sandra Pressley on +44 1624 650141 to discuss.

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