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Leadership programme

A leadership development programme for Band 5 registered practitioners

This programme is an opportunity to identify and nurture talent already existing in the organisation. Nurturing new leaders and career development opportunities are important to identify talent, offer training and mentorship. The negative consequences, should this not be the case, for standards of patient care, recruitment and retention of staff are likely to be significant.

Programme objectives

To develop potential leaders who can meet the demands of the role, influence change and create modern and forward thinking ways to improve care, preparing health care practitioners to apply for a more senior role and to aid succession planning. The programme is designed to complement existing programmes, it will provide participants with a unique learning experience designed to help them develop the skills, awareness and confidence they need to maximise their leadership potential.

Target audience

Registered practitioners at band 5 (band 6 in specialist areas i.e. ITU / theatre and Allied Health Practitioners) who are interested in future career progression and demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional development.

Programme plan

The Aspiring Leaders Programme is 12 month in length. There are 6 days taught over 6 months. Negotiated objectives will be set for achievement between each taught session and the introduction of a Learning Passport. The programme will allow individuals to contribute to their own personal development. There will be formal 1 to 1 monthly support over 12 months with the inclusion of action learning sets. The participants will undergo a 360 degree review during the programme. Opportunities for learning will include mentoring and shadowing.

For further information on the programme contact Bev Critchlow, Sandra Pressley or Cathie Quine.

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