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National Strategy on Sea Defences Flooding and Coastal Erosion

Responsibility for coastline management has now passed to the DOI, further information can be found on their IOMFloodHub website.

The Transfer of Function Order (TOFO) was approved by Tynwald and came into effect on 1 November 2020. The Department of Infrastructure (DOI) formed the Flood Management Division, which is responsible for, and must generally supervise, all matters relating to Flood Risk Management (FRM). Our new division, the 'Flood Management Division', has brought together staff from both the Manx Utilities Authority and the DOI. The staff of the Department's Met Office are also incorporated into this team.

If you require assistance due to flooding please contact the Department of Infrastructure at +44 1624 850000.

The Department provides a highly effective 24-hour emergency response capability for the Island.

The 24-hour Emergency Telephone Line is +44 1624 672000.

If your life is in danger due to flooding dial 999.

You can contact the division in the following ways:

Postal Address:
Flood Management Division
Department of Infrastructure
Sea Terminal Building
Isle of Man


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