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Ionising Radiation

From 1 August 2019, the following Health and Safety Legislation in relation to ionising radiation comes into force

The above legislation has been brought in following implications arising from Brexit and aim to standardise and improve the standard of health and safety in relation to ionising radiation across the Isle of Man. 

Notification, registration and consent – the risk-based approach

As part of the above legislation, there is a requirement on employers involved in work with ionising radiation (unless exempt from the regulations) to either notify the Department of the practice, register the practice with the Department or get consent from the Department to carry out their practice using ionising radiation. This is part of a risk-based approach, where notification is the lowest tier of this risk based approach representing the lowest risk activities involving ionising radiation, registration is the intermediate tier and consent is the highest tier, reserved for the higher risk activities involving ionising radiation.

Please read over the following guidance documents before attempting to complete the application form.

Flowchart – Follow this flowchart to assist you in deciding which tier of the risk based approach you need to apply for.

Indicative list of practices – This document provides examples of applications of ionising radiation and the tier of the risk based approach that they fall under.

Application form – Once you have read over the guidance documents, please complete the application form and send it to the Department.

Type approval of apparatus

For the purposes of Schedule 1 of The Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (as applied to the Island by the Ionising Radiation (Application) Order 2019); the Department recognises and accepts the apparatus approved by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.

The apparatus approved by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive for the purposes outlined in Schedule 1 can be located on the UK's Health and Safety Executive website.  

Non-medical imaging using non-medical equipment

If as part of your work with ionising radiation you use non-medical equipment to carry out non-medical imaging of subjects (e.g. to detect contraband on individuals) you must also submit an application for approval of this sort of practice.

Duty holder formDownloadable form
Ionising Radiations Application Order 2019 (IRAO19) Application for Notification, Registration or gaining Consent
Ionising Radiation (Basic Safety Standards and Justification of Practices) Regulations 2019 (IR[BSSJP]R19) Application for non-medical imaging practice approval
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