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The Government Laboratory provides a wide-ranging scientific service, supporting many areas of Government while also providing a service to the private sector and the general public. However, our resources are finite and therefore we need you to help us help you!

As a general principle, it is strongly recommended that you contact the laboratory as far in advance as possible to discuss your needs. This is particularly necessary where a large amount of work is required, or for one-off unusual samples - otherwise it is highly likely that existing commitments may limit or prevent our ability to respond adequately. It is also relevant to note that there are limitations on the times or days when samples can be accepted for certain types of analysis.

Please note that the more details that are available about a sample and the purpose to which the results are to be put, the easier it is to ensure that an appropriate service can be provided and your requirements satisfied. We have a wealth of scientific knowledge and expertise that can only be brought to bear with the right information! Contact details for the Laboratory are below.

We have a sample submission form to assist in the provision of essential data when a sample is submitted to us for analysis. A supply of forms is available at the reception counter in the Laboratory, however, in case it is of assistance, a copy of the form may be downloaded on the right. Use of the form itself is not compulsory provided that the identified minimum information is provided legibly in writing with, or in advance of, the sample.

For health and safety reasons we need to know of any risks with samples we receive, particularly where these may not immediately be apparent. A Health and Safety declaration is therefore included on the sample submission form, and it is important that this is completed or the equivalent information provided. We reserve the right not to accept samples without adequate health and safety information, which may be of particular significance where third party agents are used to deliver samples.

Finally, please be aware that although the Government provides this Laboratory through which an analytical and testing service is available to the private sector, including businesses and individuals, in many cases there is likely to be a charge for the use of that service, although not for any initial consultation. Any costs will be notified on request.

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