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Regulation Directorate

Regulation Directorate

Department of Environment Food & Agriculture

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St. John’s

IM4 3AS.

Telephone:+44 1624 685894

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The Regulation Directorate includes the following divisions:

Environmental Health Unit and Pest Control

The key aims of the Environmental Health Unit are for all Isle of Man residents and visitors to have access to safe food, decent accommodation and to enjoy home, work and social environments which are free from the risk of illness, disease, injury and nuisance.

The Unit also aims to support the continued growth of the export food industry and to ensure consumers across the world have access to safe Manx products which meet applicable laws and standards.

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Animal Health

We work to safeguard animal health and welfare for the benefit of animals, people, the environment and the economy. We carefully balance the needs of animals with the promotion of trade. We regulate animal health, traceability and welfare enabling us to trade and move animals under specific licences/conditions, both on and off island. Regulating livestock health, traceability and welfare also enables the Isle of Man to have a sustainable and profitable agri-food industry, capable of providing the population with a wide range of high quality food products that are safe and affordable.

Animal Health

Government Analyst’s Laboratory

The laboratory provides a testing service for the Isle of Man government departments and supports Environmental Health, Trading Standards and private business to protect the public. The laboratories main areas of expertise are chiefly in the disciplines of analytical chemistry, microscopy, microbiology, radiochemistry and freshwater biology together with a knowledge of the law pertaining to such diverse areas as food safety, consumer protection and the environment. The laboratory is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025, ensuring the highest quality results. This enables us to focus on the pursuit of scientific truth and balanced scientific assessment of data, enabling the best information and advice to be made available to support the functions of Government and the Island as a whole and is underpinned by confidentiality, integrity and neutrality.

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Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate

The aim of the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate (HSWI) is reduction of health and safety risks arising from work activities across all business sectors across the Isle of Man.

We aim to achieve this by promoting and securing compliance with occupational health and safety legislation and standards through the provision of advice, education, inspection and when things go wrong we investigate and where required we may take enforcement action.

Enforcement action is only usually considered when Inspectors encounter serious breaches of legislation during visits to sites where work has already commenced – and even in these circumstances a decision to take enforcement action will depend on a number of issues such as the willingness of the contractor to implement the necessary improvements or whether the contractor has ignored previous advice provided by HSWI in the past.

There are a number of different forms of enforcement action that we have available to us from letters of advice recommending improvement action, Improvement Notices, Prohibition Notices through to prosecutions in the courts.

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Road Transport Licensing Committee The Road Transport Licensing Committee ("RTLC") acts as an independent tribunal body of Government with responsibility for regulating the transport of passengers. The RTLC is responsible for licensing PPV Drivers & Operators, as well as Goods Vehicle Operators and their Vehicles. It is the duty of the Committee to administer the provisions of the Road Transport Act 2001 ('the Act') to benefit and protect the public through the provision of sufficient, efficient, safe, and quality services of public transport.

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