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Policy, enforcement and data searches


Encouraging the effective utilisation of the Island's land and sea resources by the most efficient means to secure the optimum economic benefits, whilst having due regard to biodiversity, sustainability, climate change and energy issues facing the Island.


The Department of Environment, food and Agriculture through its Directorates of Agriculture, Environment, Fisheries and Forestry together with the Government Laboratory are responsible for enforcing a wide range of statutory and non-statutory rules, many of which carry a criminal sanction for non compliance. Enforcement should be seen as one of the tools we have to help us meet strategic priorities and deliver our outcomes. Enforcement should also be proportionate and risk based. Whilst not every enforcement activity can be directed to DEFA's strategic priorities and outcomes, because those priorities and outcomes are not exhaustive, every effort will be made to satisfy these priorities and outcomes.

To this end, the Enforcement Policy Statement sets out the general principle we intend to follow in relation to the regulation of statutory and non-statutory functions of the Department.

Legal searches

The Department is able to provide legal searches in respect of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) burials, trees registered under the Tree Preservation Act 1993, Wildlife Act Designations, Protected Species and Management Agreements under the Wildlife Act 1990, Registered Heath under the Heath Burning and Destruction Act 2003, various Environment Directorate Notices and Radioactive substances (caesium levels in soil). The fees per search are £100 and the legal search form can be downloaded on this page.

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