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Wildlife and Biodiversity

The Wildlife and Conservation Division has been dissolved and its responsibilities moved into the remaining directorates as part of an internal reorganisation. The following directorates now each have a responsibility for wildlife conservation. Within the Agriculture Directorate you can get advice on the Agri-Environment Scheme, plant conservation and wildlife habitats. The Forestry, Amenity and Lands Directorate deals with the wildlife aspects of planning and developments, site protection (designation, consents and management agreements), import and export licensing for wildlife and wildlife products, wildlife crime, bird conservation and other terrestrial zoological advice. The Fisheries Directorate undertakes marine site and species protection, research and survey. The Corporate Services Directorate holds a wildlife records database and mapping system and develops biodiversity policy and strategy as well as building support and advocacy for wildlife issues.

The Department continues to ensure the effective conservation of the Island's most scarce and important species of wild plants and animals and important habitats through the new structure. It provides a service to the government and the people of the Isle of Man by:

  • ensuring that the Wildlife Act 1990 is enforced
  • providing advice on nature conservation
  • working in partnership with voluntary organisations and the public
  • identifying and designating areas for protection
  • protecting our rarest species
  • registering and monitoring keepers of certain bird species
  • controlling the trade in endangered species through the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1981
  • enforcing the importation restrictions regarding wild animals listed under the Wild Animals (Restriction on Importation, etc) Act 1980 and the Destructive Imported Animals Act 1963 to protect the public and the environment.


Biodiversity Matters is the Department's newsletter relating to wildlife and conservation. It is published annually in July and can be downloaded on this page.

Schemes of benefits to wildlife

Wildlife and Conservation Grants Scheme 2004

This scheme was set up to support projects of benefit to the wildlife or wildlife habitats of the Island and involving the community or individuals in active wildlife conservation work, with small grants of £50 to £2000. There is currently no budget for this scheme. An announcement will be made if funding becomes available once more. Meanwhile, the scheme guidelines may be downloaded on this page.

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