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Environmental Protection Unit

What is the Environmental Protection Strategy?

In November 2002, the Environment Directorate issued, for consultation purposes, a draft Environmental Protection Strategy. The draft strategy addresses key environmental issues, which have been identified by the Department, and is based on the principles of sustainable development. In essence, this is development that meets our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The strategy must examine not only the natural environment, but must also consider the economic and social needs of the people of the Isle of Man. A balance must be struck between these potentially conflicting demands.

Key environmental issues which may affect the Isle of Man have been developed by the Department as priorities for action. These can be put inĀ 2 clearly identified categories:

  1. Where the Department is able to take direct action by using or developing statutory powers to control inputs to the environment. The issues below are ones in which the Department has a role to play, either directly or through corporate government and partnership agreements:
    • Air Pollution
    • Noise
    • Land Contamination
    • Development on Greenfield Land
    • Water Pollution
  2. Where the Department's objectives may only be achieved by influencing others, either through partnership working or by exerting public and political pressures. The issues below are ones in which the Department has a role to play, but very little direct control. These are mainly global issues and issues which our neighbours around the Irish Sea have control over:
    • Climate Change
    • Natural Resource Depletion
    • Biodiversity pressure and decline
    • Depletion of stratospheric ozone
    • Minimising potential impacts from radiation sources

The Department received responses from approximately 30 organisations and individuals, which provided in the region of 200 significant comments. All these responses have been collated, and will be considered in detail. It is likely that the draft document will be amended in certain areas to reflect the outcome of the consultation.

It is intended that the amended document will be considered by the Department towards the end of the year, after which it will be referred to Tynwald before being adopted as an official strategy for the Isle of Man.

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