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Privacy Notice

The Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture (DEFA) is a Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Information being collected

We may collect and hold the following personal information, dependent on the purpose:

  • Personal details (name, address, date of birth, phone numbers, email).
  • Payment details.
  • Vessel details and fishing activity (such as fishing method, position and times, number of tows, gear type, days fished and catch weight).
  • Vessel master mobile number and/or email.
  • Vessel ownership, quota and assets.
  • Your stated views and opinions.

Further, please note that we collect third party information via the Isle of Man sea fishing licence application, including:

  • Nominee contact details (name/address/email) —this is the person/company to whom the licence or any amendment or variations are sent;
  • Master mobile number.

How your information is collected

  • Application forms and correspondence
  • Quotes or invoices for services or goods
  • Electronic/paper logbooks and catch returns
  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)
  • Responses to public/stakeholder consultations
  • Other public services that collect information for our specific requirements

Collecting and how we will use the information we collect about you

The Fisheries Division may use your information in the following ways:

  • Perform our statutory functions including licensing and enforcement.
  • Provide advice and assistance.
  • Compare quotes and arrange payments.
  • Administer grant assistance.
  • Review plans involving development near watercourses.
  • Invite stakeholders to meetings.
  • *Scientific analysis of fishery data.
  • Help prevent and detect crime.
  • Notify licensed fishing vessels of scientific surveys or other activities that may affect fishing activities.

*DEFA has an ‘Agreement for Fisheries Science Research Services’ and a ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ on data sharing with Bangor University. Please note for scientific research to assist future fisheries management, DEFA may keep licensing and original fishing activity data indefinitely, which may include limited personal data.

The Fisheries Division’s statutory functions require the collection of personal data. They are derived from the below named legislation and any secondary legislation made under them. This legislation provides the lawful basis to process this personal data in the public interest.

Fisheries Act 2012

Wildlife Act 1990

The Division has a statutory obligation to check and verify the data you provide to us and will do so as the need and requirement arises.

Sharing information we collect about you and who with

We may share your data with third parties to carry out our division’s functions which may include:

  • Bangor University (govt. fisheries science)
  • Manx Fish Producers Organisation
  • Isle of Man Ship Registry
  • Marine Management Organisation
  • law enforcement agencies
  • fraud prevention agencies
  • UK Coastguard
  • Manx Telecom (fishing industry text messages)

We also may be in receipt of your data from third parties for the purposes of fisheries management, enforcement, licensing, catch data, fish health monitoring or health and safety, including from:

  • UK fisheries administrations
  • Manx Fish Producers Organisation
  • Applied Satellite Technology Ltd
  • THEMIS (vessel monitoring system)
  • Nest Design Ltd (fisheries reporting software)
  • Isle of Man Government Departments, Boards and Offices
  • CEFAS (e.g. fish health)
  • Sunset Lakes Ltd (coarse fish licensing)

Protecting your information

The Fisheries Division will:

  • Keep your information safe and secure in compliance with its information security policy.
  • Only use and disclose your information as detailed in this guide, where necessary.
  • Retain information no longer than necessary and permanently delete or transfer to the Public Records Office once retention periods are met.

Individual rights and choices when sharing Personal Information with the Department

You have a right to access your personal data to ensure that it is accurate, and to request that it is rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed if it is inaccurate;

To make any request relating to your data held by us, please contact the Data Protection Officer for the Department using the details below.

Guidance on making a Data Subject Access Request, when you can request copies of all the Personal Data held about you is available.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you may also complain to the Information Commissioner, whose details can be found on, or the relevant supervisory authority. You may have a right to other remedies.

More Information

You can find out more information including:

  • Looking at the Isle of Man Government Privacy Policy
  • Contacting our Data Protection Officer on 01624 686781 or email
  • Making a subject access request which is a request for all of the personal data we hold about you

Obtaining this information in large print, braille, or in an alternative language.

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