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Isle of Man Scallop Management Board

The Isle of Man Scallop Management Board (SMB), established in 2017 by the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture (DEFA), is a non-statutory fisheries advisory board. 

The Board seeks to promote the protection and management of the Isle of Man king and queen scallop fisheries,  providing  recommendations to DEFA on appropriate conservation measures for each fishery, including, advice on catch limits and Total Allowable Catches.

Specifically, the remit of the SMB includes:

  • consideration of scientific advice presented by Bangor University and any other relevant, qualified scientific establishment;
  • consideration of best practice fisheries management practices;
  • to support the priority aims and objectives of the Isle of Man Future Fisheries Strategy;
  • consideration of socio-economic impacts that may affect each of the fisheries;
  • to advise DEFA on the introduction of management measures to ensure the protection of scallop fisheries, including spatial and temporal management and technical measures as appropriate;
  • to make recommendations to DEFA on further scientific research required in order to better understand and manage scallop fisheries;
  • to act as an independent fisheries advisory board to respond on such matters that may impact or have influence on Isle of Man scallop fisheries.

Membership of the SMB includes individuals with relevant scientific, commercial fishing, fish processing or public administration experience associated with the Isle of Man king and queen scallop industry.

Once approved by the Board, minutes for the most recent meeting can be downloaded from this web page. For more information about the SMB, please contact +44 1624 685837, or see the downloadable document “The Isle of Man Scallop Management Board: role – representation – responsibility”.

Please note – that prior to the establishment of the Scallop Management Board, the Isle of Man Queen Scallop Management Board existed as a statutory advisory board for the Island’s queen scallop fishery.  This board has now been discontinued since the Isle of Man Scallop Management Board was established in 2017.

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