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Isle of Man Consultations and Working Groups

Crab & Lobster Working Group

1 April 2019 

Pot allocation:
A lack of method in pot allocation has resulted in inter-licence latency.

Options for methods to determine pot allocation were discussed.

It was agreed that this issue should be included in the consultation. 

Minimum Landing Size (MLS): 
MLS of both crab and lobster in some neighbouring areas are higher than in Isle of Man waters.

The fisheries are currently stable so an MLS increase would be economically motivated.

An increase in MLS for both species will be considered in consultation. 

Future meetings:

The Crab and Lobster Working Group may not meet again before consultation, but may be reconvened at a later date. If you have any questions, queries or proposals arising, please speak to your industry representative or contact the Fisheries Division by emailing or phone +44 1624 685857.

Crab & Lobster Working Group

19 November 2018

Latent effort:

Vessel latency within the fishery amounts to almost 20,000 pots.

Options for determining eligibility were discussed.

It is hoped that theappeals process post-consultation will be simpler and more dynamic than has been the case for other fisheries.

There was enthusiasm to include opportunities for young/new fishermen.

While Brexit matters would take priority it was hoped that the Department would be ready to consult on proposals in June.  

Crab and Lobster Working Group

17 October 2018

Preliminary scientific analysis and industry feedback:

There is a high percentage of latency within the fishery.

The relationship between harvest and catch effort is steady.

An incremental increase in MLS would be beneficial to breeding.

Controlling latency should be balanced with the requirements of new entrants. 

Proposals for future meetings:

Latent effort, data monitoring, Minimum Landing Size, Vessel Monitoring System and recreational potting were put forward as the scope for review. Suggestions for additional topics were welcomed. 

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