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Fisheries Protection Vessel

The Barrule is a 22-metre patrol vessel specifically designed and built to enable Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) fisheries officers to enforce sea fisheries legislation within the Isle of Man’s territorial seas, which extend to 12 nautical miles.

Fisheries Protection Vessel Barrule

She was built by Souter Marine in the Isle of Wight and delivered to DEFA in 2000.  She is fully equipped with the latest radio navigation aids and can operate in all sea conditions where fishing is likely to take place.  The Barrule carries a RIB, which is launched from the stern, to allow officers to board and inspect fishing vessels.

Other roles

The Barrule is also used to gather environmental samples such as sea water, bottom sediments and shellfish, which are analysed to ensure public health.

The vessel is used on a regular basis by DEFA fisheries scientists to carry out monitoring and survey work within the Manx territorial sea to assist in the continuing assessment of the status of local fish stocks.

Chartering the Barrule

The Barrule is available to charter for projects in our seas.  She was built to Lloyd’s Special Service Craft Rules and is equipped and manned in accordance with the Work Boat Code and classed to operate up to 60 miles from a safe haven, cat 2.  She is powered by twin 450hp Caterpillar main engines, providing for a continuous operating speed of 12 knots.

The vessel carries sufficient field and stores to be able to operate for up to 48 hours and has accommodation for a crew of five, however has LSA for up to 12 persons.  The wheelhouse has all round visibility and is equipped with a modern electronics package.  She can be configured to carry a 6.5 metre RIB (classed to operate up to 20 miles cat 3) or, if required, decked in to provide a large working platform.  It is equipped with a hydraulically operated deck crane and stern gantry.

More technical information:

  • Deck cargo capacity 4 tonnes
  • Hydraulic crane capacity 2 tonnes at 2 metres, maximum reach 8 metres, capacity 0.5 tonnes
  • Gantry reach astern 1.5 metres, reach inboard 1.5 metres
  • Gantry working height 4 metres, width between perpendiculars 3.250 metres

To enquire about chartering the Barrule phone DEFA on 01624 685857 or email

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