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Waste Regulation

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Waste Regulation

The work of the Department of Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture’s Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) is to advise and regulate the Islands Waste Disposal Licenced Facilities, investigate unlawful waste management activities and oversee the export requirements for the shipping of waste in accordance with the governing legislation upheld on the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom and European Union.

The Environmental Protection Unit (EPU):

  • Licence and monitor waste management facilities such as waste transfer stations, landfills and the Energy for Waste Facility
  • Regulate Transfrontier shipment of waste
  • Respond to complaints of illegal waste disposal
  • Provide waste operations advice via policies and guidance

There is no regulation requirement in the Isle of Man to register or have a waste carriers licence to transport waste.

Waste Regulation Priorities

Raggatt & PCBs

Further to concern about low levels of PCBs currently being discharged from the historic Raggatt Landfill to Peel Bay a report was commissioned to investigate better disposal options.  Subsequently the Isle of Man Government is working towards treatment of this discharge through the proposed new Peel Sewage Treatment Works, currently the subject of a planning application PA 19/00462/B.

Waste Management Legislation Explanation

The Island is governed by three key pieces of Waste Management Legislation, The Public Health Act 1990The Collection & Disposal of Waste Regulations 2000 and The Import & Export of Waste Regulations 2001.

Part IV of The Public Health Act 1990 – Refuse Disposal

Part IV of the Act covers the following:

  • Licensing of disposal of waste
  • Collection and disposal of waste
  • Reclamation of waste
  • Section 77 definition of waste:
    Within the provisions of Part IV of The Public Health Act 1990, Refuse Disposal and for any persons, including plant and equipment disposing of waste require a licence to undertake the activity lawfully.

The Collection & Disposal of Waste Regulations 2000

The Regulations cover the following definitions of waste:

  • Schedule 1 - Household waste
  • Schedule 2 – Industrial waste
  • Schedule 3 – Commercial waste
  • Schedule 4 – Processes for which a disposal licence is required
  • Schedule 5 – Activities for which a disposal licence is not required

The Regulations set out the activities for refuse disposal at licenced waste management facilities and refuse disposal outlets which are exempt from the licensing regimes.

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