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ODS & F-Gas leakage detection

Minimize Leakage of ODS & F-Gas: Leak Testing Requirements

F-Gas Leak Testing

Equipment which must be checked for leaks:

  • stationary refrigeration equipment
  • stationary air-conditioning equipment
  • stationary heat pumps
  • stationary fire protection equipment
  • refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks and trailers
  • electrical switchgear
  • organic Rankine cycle


Equipment owner, rental companies, end user, service technicians who install, maintain or dispose of equipment.

Leak Test Frequency

If having trouble displaying the tables below, you can view them as a PDF.

Mass (kg)Equivalent weight of CO2 in equipment (tonne)*EquipmentAutomatic Leak Detector Installed1EquipmentCheck Frequency (in months)Leak Repair
HFC 23HFC 227eaHFC 404AHFC 410aHFC 134a361224Immediate repair on detection of leak and a repeat leak test within one month of repair work.
0.3 1.6 1.3 2.4 3.5 5 < 50 All No     YES  
Yes       YES
3.4 15.5 13 24 35 50 < 500 All No   YES    
Yes     YES  
34 155 127 240 350 ≥ 500 Electrical switchgear or organic Rankine cycle installed prior 01.01.2017 No YES      
Yes   YES    
≥ 500 Equipment other than electrical switchgear or organic Rankine cycle installed prior 01.01.2017 YES        

* to help calculate CO2 equivalent thresholds of common F-gases visit the UK Government's website

Automatic leak detection equipment to be check every year apart from leak detectors on electrical switcher which are to be checked every 6 years.


HCFC MassConditionEquipment Check Frequency (in months)Leak Repair
≥3 kg Not hermetically sealed     YES Fix within 14 days + 1 leak test within 1 month of repair
≥6 kg Hermetically sealed     YES
≥30 kg All equipment   YES  
≥300 kg All equipment YES    
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