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Energy from waste facility

What is the role of the Environmental Protection Unit in relation to the facility?

The Waste Disposal Licence (WDL) requires reports and notifications to be submitted to DEFA to demonstrate compliance with licence conditions including emission limit values, copies covering the previous 12 months are available in the downloadable documents section on this page. Daily emissions monitoring data and electricity generation charts are also provided on the SUEZ Isle of Man website with the emissions on the Emissions Monitoring Page.

For further information, contact:

Environmental Protection Unit

Telephone:+44 1624 685885

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S3/A/1 Monthly ReportsS3/A/2 Monthly ReportsS3/W/1 Monthly Reports
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S3/A/3 Biannual ReportsS3/O/5 Biannual Reports
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S3/AR/1 Annual Report S3/O/3 Annual Report S3/O/4 Annual Report


S3/O/1 Quarterly ReportsS3/O/2 Quarterly ReportsS3/O/6 Quarterly ReportsS3/L/1 Quarterly ReportsS3/L/2 Quarterly Reports
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