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2023 Additional Bathing Water Monitoring

Additional monitoring of bathing water quality occurs across the Isle of Man at varying frequency depending on the location. All sampling is carried out by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture in accordance with the Water Pollution (Bathing Water Standards and Objectives) Scheme 2021. Samples will be tested for Escherichia coli (E.coli) and Intestinal Enterococci which are a requirement under the EU 2006 Bathing Water Directive and are designed for the protection of public health. Sampling is undertaken during the bathing season as defined by the scheme as from 1 May to 18 September.

For locations where an application for bathing water designation has been received by the Department the frequency of sampling will increase from monthly to weekly to ensure there is sufficient data to determine the application.

As part of the Island plan the Department has reviewed the non-designated bathing waters to ensure that sampling is based off of use not previous sampling. Non designated bathing waters are detailed in the list below and will be sampled on a 4 weekly basis.

  • Derbyhaven
  • Douglas Broadway
  • Douglas Summerhill
  • Fenella
  • Fishers Hill
  • Laxey
  • Peel
  • Port Grenaugh
  • Port Lewaigue
  • Port Skillion
  • Port Soderick

Monthly sampling will be carried out on the following dates:


Sampling Date


04 May


01 June


26 June


26 July


21 August


12 September

For further information, please contact the Environmental Protection Unit on +44 1624 685885 or email

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