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Ramsey Marine Nature Reserve

Ramsey MNR Map SmallRamsey Marine Nature Reserve (MNR) was developed in a partnership between the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) and the Manx Fish Producers' Organisation (MFPO) with input from other users of the area and the wider community. After an initial area and concept were agreed between the MFPO and DEFA, comprehensive stakeholder consultation led to the development of management zones and regulations.

The zones within RMNR provide a full range of protection, from highly protected through to managed use, appropriate to the features being protected. Conservation features protected include horse mussel reefs, seagrass beds and maerl beds.
One of the zones is a Fisheries Management Zone which is managed by the MFPO. The fishermen opted to keep the zone closed to all mobile gear fishing for 4 years. In 2013 and 2014 limited fishing was permitted by MFPO members. Strict quotas were set by the fishermen based on scientific surveys carried out by DEFA and fishing industry surveys carried out by the fishermen. Fishing activities were timed to coincide with premium prices for scallops on the Christmas market and fishermen co-operated to pool their individual quotas, reducing fuel costs and maximising profits. Fishermen have so far limited their fishing to a small proportion of the total area available to them, effectively extending the conservation zones of the RMNR and the long term benefits to fisheries and the environment. In September 2015 the MFPO and DEFA carried out a joint survey of Ramsey MNR to inform the 2015 fishery.

Ramsey MNR took 3 years to establish, from the start of the project to designation of the Isle of Man's first Marine Nature Reserve to statutory designation. Ramsey MNR demonstrates the benefit investing time and resources to work in close partnership with the fishing industry and other stakeholders for conservation and fisheries sustainability outcomes.

For more information about the zones and management regulations for Ramsey Marine Nature Reserve please see the Map and Zoning Guide.

More information on the process to establish Ramsey MNR can be found in the Conservation chapter of the Manx Marine Environmental Assessment.

See more information about the Fisheries Management Zone.

More information about the important habitats in Ramsey MNR can be found in the Subtidal Ecology chapter of the Manx Marine Environmental Assessment.


Ramsey Bay looking south towards Port Lewaigue & Maughold

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