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Environment Directorate

The Environment Directorate includes the following divisions:

Energy Policy Team 

The team liaises with a wide range of organisations within and outside of government to advise on energy policy, encourage energy efficiency and manage minerals.


The Fisheries Division manages and protects fisheries and their supporting ecosystems within the Island and its territorial sea.

  • Its responsibilities are defined in legislation, primarily The Fisheries Act 2012 and The Wildlife Act 2009, and are informed by international agreements.
  • Departmental Strategies provide guidance as to how these responsibilities are implemented, including the Sea Fisheries Strategy, the Biodiversity Strategy, the Fisheries Enforcement Strategy, and the Native Freshwater Fisheries Strategy.

The Division;

  • Protects sites of marine and freshwater environmental and fisheries conservation importance.
  • Authorises activities in the sea and inland waterways to ensure compliance with legislation and sustainable use.
  • Provides for compliance and enforcement in relation to inland and marine waters.
  • Provides consents, comment and advice in relation to planning and development proposals.
  • Undertakes restocking and monitoring programmes to support inland fisheries.
  • Undertakes data collection and research to support improved management and sustainable exploitation of marine and inland waters and comply with local and international obligations.
  • Facilitates public engagement in the shared management of marine and inland waters.¬†
  • Manages and contributes to public awareness of the freshwater and marine zones of Biosphere Isle of Man.
  • Coordinates aquatic biosecurity management, ie. invasive non-native species.
  • Collaborates and with counterparts in other organisations providing regional input to wider fisheries management objectives.

Environmental Protection Unit

The Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) is responsible for the regulation of inland waters and waste management. EPU monitor river water quality throughout the island as well as bathing water quality at designated beaches. EPU protect the Island's waters via discharge consents and pollution investigations. Similarly, all waste operations are regulated by EPU. This includes licencing of waste facilities and management of waste movements on and off island. EPU also investigate possible waste crimes. EPU also monitor coastal waters for eutrophication issues and chemical pollution as part of our international commitments to the OSPAR Convention.

Ecosystem Policy Team

The team has responsibilities covering the preservation of biodiversity, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, the reduction of use of single use plastics, and blue carbon work (a limited term Net Zero project).

Environment Directorate

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