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DEFA's objectives

  1. to develop and implement Building Control legislation, to ensure buildings are safe, accessible and conserve fuel and water

  2. to create attractive and sustainable 'places' and an economy achieving long term growth, whilst improving the quality of life in the Isle of Man

  3. to sensitively manage and encourage recreational and commercial activity across the estate for the benefit of our community, our economy and our visitors

  4. to protect our most significant buildings using the Protected Buildings Register

  5. to develop a reliable, sustainable and self-reliant Manx food chain

  6. to embed climate change action to transition to our net zero future

  7. to enable all Isle of Man residents and visitors to enjoy safe home, work and social environments: free from the risk of illness, disease, injury and nuisance

  8. to work to ensure that our food is safe, our community is free from agents that will affect our health and to reduce pollutant discharge into our water, land or air

  9. to support the continued growth of the export food industry and to ensure consumers across the world have access to safe Manx products

  10. to build on the high quality of life enjoyed by our community, ensuring the efficient and responsible use of land, environmental and other physical resources, and infrastructure

  11. our vision for the Island’s energy future is one in which our net zero ambition supports the economic strategy, taking advantage of the latest low carbon technologies, and optimising our own abundant natural resources, making us more independent and prosperous

  12. to manage and protect fisheries and their supporting ecosystems to balance the social, environmental and economic needs of the Island, and meet our international obligations

  13. to provide educational and nature-based amenities for our community and visitors

  14. to monitor and protect tree health and seek to maintain the woodland environment and character of the countryside

  15. to safeguard animal health and welfare for the benefit of animals, people, the environment and the economy

  16. to work to ensure that the valuable biodiversity resources are properly managed and effectively conserved for future generations

  17. to provide analytical support to Government, key agencies, businesses and the general public through the Government Analyst Laboratory

  18. to operate an efficient sawmill that plays both an integral part to our forestry management plan, and offers a quality Manx product for our community
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