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Agricultural Newsletters

Agri-News is issued by the Agricultural Services Division.

Market Trends

The graphical representations shown on the back pages of Agri News are calculated from the following data sets.

Beef prices

Before 2016 the price comparisons were based on IoMMs published price and the AHDB published price.

From 2016 onwards the graphs have been produced from IoMMs published deadweight price adjusted for their deductions. The GB price is presented in two ways, firstly as the published AHDB dead weight price and secondly as the AHDB deadweight price with ‘standard’ abattoir charges deducted. A further comparative price for Northern Ireland is also included, which is the published Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) figure with no abattoir deductions. These figures can be found here:

Lamb prices

Before 2017 the price comparisons were based on IoMMs published price and the AHDB published live weight price converted to dead weight.

For 2017 onwards, the Isle of Man Meats figure is the price after deductions, the UK price is the AHDB price with ‘standard’ abattoir charges deducted removed and the NI price is the published LMC price.

Pig prices

The pig price graph is based on the published IoM Meat price against the UK spec GB SPP, which was previously the UK DAPP price.

Milk price

This is the average IoM Creamery price paid, compared against the UK average and Northern Ireland average as published by Dairy Co.

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