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Executive Agencies

On 22 November 2017 Tynwald approved the Transfer of Functions Order enabling the Department for Enterprise to reduce in size and scope and commence with the formation of the Department's four Executive Agencies:

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The Executive Agencies are part of the Department for Enterprise with each of the four boards having delegated powers from the Minister for Enterprise, enabling them to leverage the private sector expertise and knowledge and create a partnership approach to product development, policy input, and promotion.

More information on each Agency is available below.

Purpose, objective and terms of reference

Finance Isle of Man

Finance Isle of Man purpose and objectives

Finance Isle of Man terms of reference

Digital Isle of Man

Digital Isle of Man purpose and objectives

Digital Isle of Man terms of reference

Business Isle of Man

Business Isle of Man purpose and objectives

Business Isle of Man terms of reference

Visit Isle of Man

Visit Isle of Man purpose and objectives

Visit Isle of Man terms of reference

Agency Structure

Each Agency has been appointed a non-executive Chair on a part-time basis by the Department for a minimum limited term of 2 years, with a further extension of two years possible. The non-executive Chairs are responsible for providing effective leadership and strategic direction, forming a cohesive and focused board.

All four Agencies have a Chief Executive who plays a leading role in the Agency's vision, strategy and policies.

The Chief Executives are responsible for deploying the Agency's strategic and operating plans, taking a lead role in building excellent working relationships with relevant companies on the Island.

Board membership

The non-executive board membership combines those individuals nominated by the respective industry sectors plus others who are self-nominated. These are voluntary roles and will not be remunerated.

A Political Member from the Department will also join each board, aligned with their assigned delegation as follows:

  • Ann Corlett MHK for Digital Isle of Man and Locate Isle of Man
  • Diane Kelsey MLC for Business Isle of Man
  • Peter Greenhill MLC for Finance Isle of Man
  • Sarah Maltby MHK for Visit Isle of Man and Motorsport
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