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Links to catalogues and collection guides are available in the table below. Please note that work on cataloguing records is ongoing and the information provided here only covers a small proportion of our holdings. Please contact us for more details.

The Manx National Heritage Library also holds some public records and all other Manx archives, including business and personal papers and sources for family history research.

Collection Guides

Assessment Board valuation lists

Dissolved company files

Planning applications

Registered plans

Tithe and asylum plans

Tynwald War Committee records


S1 Deeds requisition books

S2 Registered dissolved company files 1865-1993

S3 Records of the Isle of Man Rolls Office: Tithe Commutation Plans

S4 Records of the Isle of Man Rolls Office: Asylum Plans

S5 Department of Infrastructure and predecessors: maps and plans

S6, S7, S8 & S111 Records of Fairfield Junior School

S13-S16 Records of Marown Parish Commissioners 1894-2001

S17 Records of the Chief Secretary's Office 1826-1982

S18 Records of the War Committee of Tynwald 1939-1946

S19-S20 Records of St Jude's School 1910-1982

S22 Isle of Man Ballamona Hospital 1827-1990s

S23-S27 Records of the Civil Service Commission and Whitley Council 1964-2007

S29 Isle of Man vehicle registration records 1906-1980

S30, S31, S32, S33 Records of the Isle of Man Decennial Tests 1910-1987

S34-S43 Records of the Economic Affairs division 1940-2012

S56 Local Government Board: Planning Applications 1921-1932

S28; S57-58 Records of the Trustees of the Common Lands 1866-1952

S59-S61 Records of the Forestry Mines and Lands Board 1949-1986

S62-S63 Records of the Forestry Board 1919-1946

S64 Records of the Fisheries Board: minute books 1904-1946

S65 Records of the Board of Agriculture for the Isle of Man: minute books 1915-1946

S66 Records of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries: minute books 1946-1987

S67 Records of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: minute books 1987-1990

S68 Records of the Isle of Man Arboricultural Society: minute book 1896-1907

S69 Records of the Ordnance Survey relating to the Isle of Man: Object Name Books and Minor Control Point Albums 1957-1987

S70-S80 Records of Knockaloe Experimental Farm 1928-1985

S81, S83-87 Isle of Man Ronaldsway Meteorological Office

S82 Records of the Isle of Man Forestry, Mines and Lands Board: Island Exploration Company Ltd. Mineralogical Survey and Prospecting records 1947-1960

S106 Records of the Isle of Man Rolls Office: Tithe Parish Registers

S107 Records of the Isle of Man Rolls Office: Tithe Composition Book

S108 Records of the Isle of Mans Rolls Office: Asylum Town Registers

S109 Records of the Isle of Man Rolls Office: Asylum Parish Registers

S110 Records of the Isle of Man Rolls Office: Asylum Valuation Index

S114, S115 & S142 Records of Braddan Parish Commissioners 1894-2003

S117 Records of the Isle of Man Court of General Gaol Delivery 1848-2008

S118 Records of the Isle of Man Billeting Notices (Appeals) Tribunal 1941-1954

S119-S124 Records of the Isle of Man High Court and its antecedents: Bankruptcy Proceedings 1872-2003

S125-S127 Isle of Man Courts of Justice: Inquest Proceedings 1800-2004

S133 Records of Michael Commissioners

S134 Board of Advertising: Glass plate lantern slides

S135 Records of Laxey Village Commissioners 1896-1988

S136-S138 Records of Ramsey Town Commissioners 1865-1966

S139 Lonan Parish Commissioners 1896-2015

S140 Records of the Isle of Man Constabulary: photographs and other items. Late 19th century-circa 1979

S141 Isle of Man Constabulary photographs 1953-1972

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