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Land Registry

Land Registry services from 27 March 2020

We will continue to operate as close to normal as possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to apologise to anyone who might be affected by a slower-than-usual service. Our committed staff are working under difficult circumstances to provide our services by alternative means.

Impact on our services

In February 2020 we began accepting applications for registration services by email to in accordance with Practice Directive PD02/2020. 

  • Applications will also be accepted if posted into our office at the Registries Building.
  • We are prioritising the services that allow property transactions to continue as normal.
  • We anticipate that some of our services will be affected by the current situation with some applications taking longer than usual.
  • We anticipate the greatest disruption to new and voluntary applications and applications for possessory title.
  • We anticipate moderate disruption to all other service.
  • We aim to ensure new applications and applications for priority are recorded onto the register on the day of receipt.

Inspection Services

A number of search tools including tithe and asylum maps, the Woods Atlas and historic series maps may be found at

Pre-1911 indices may be searched at and arrangements have been made to enable conveyancing professionals to obtain copies of these deeds while the Museum is closed.

Post-1911 deeds. Our scanned deeds and grants of probate may be searched and purchased via the Government online services page Unscanned deeds may be ordered through that site and will be dispatched electronically. Our staff may be contacted at for assistance in searching the Grantor and Grantee indices which are held on our site. All deeds registered after 1982 have been indexed and can be searched only. Deeds registered from 1992 may be purchased directly through the online service. All grants of probate from 1940 are indexed. Guidance on searching is available on “Deeds and Probate Registry” at

The Land Registry map is currently only viewable by our staff. On request to staff will provide copy extracts of the title map and the base map. Office Copies may be applied for at the same account. There is no charge for these unofficial extract of the title map. Our usual fees apply to all other services.

Expedite an application

We apologise if your application is affected by this necessary prioritisation of work. If you feel that your application is urgent, you can ask us to expedite it by emailing  If we can approve your request, we will process your application sooner. 

Contacting the Land Registry 

We encourage all service users to email essential enquiries to: Please be aware you may not receive an immediate response. 

Office access and Registrar’s hearings 

Following Cabinet Office guidance and the practices adopted in the Courts and Tribunal Service all public access to our counters is currently suspended. All Registrar’s Hearings are suspended. 

Keeping you up to date 

Public access will be restored as circumstances allow. Further announcements will be made on this website until normal access can be restored.

The Land Registry is situated on the first floor of the Registries Building on Deemsters Walk, just off Bucks Road, next to the Courts of Justice in Douglas.

Public Hours:
Monday to Thursday - 9am to 4.30pm
Friday - 9am to 4pm

The Land Registry aims to create and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of interests in land and property, including details of ownership.

The historic system of examining deeds recorded in the Deeds Registry under the Registration of Deeds Act 1961 in order to deduce the title or ownership of land is being replaced by a modern system requiring the registration of title to the land on a separate electronic title register created and maintained under the Land Registration Act 1982 (as amended) and the Land Registry Rules 2000 as amended by the Land Registry (Amendment) Rules 2002.

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