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Strategy for Children and Young People

In April 2015, Tynwald approved a five-year strategy aimed at ensuring all children have the best possible opportunities in life.

The Strategy for Children and Young People 2015-2020 covers young people from birth to 18.

It underpins the work of the Children’s Services Partnership – which comprises representatives of Government Departments that work with children and organisations providing care on their behalf plus the voluntary/charitable sectors.

The partnership works to ensure children grow up healthy and achieving; resilient against adversity; safe from harm and abuse and positively engaged.

The strategy addresses the key actions called for in the review of children services conducted by the Scottish Care Inspectorate in 2013, including:

  • Improving early identification, help and support
  • Improving support for children with complex needs
  • Developing creativity and innovation through collaborative leadership.

Launching the strategy, Tim Crookall MLC, Minister for Education and Children, stated: ‘The majority of our 17,000-plus children and young people do well in life but, for some, the challenges they face – whether brought about by social or economic issues or disability or illness – can hamper their progress.

‘Through this strategy, we are committed to working together to ensure every child has the best possible opportunities in life.’

The Minister said resources would be targeted towards those most in need and where there is likely to be a positive impact on both an individual and the community.

‘A central theme of the strategy is refocussing efforts towards prevention and early intervention so we provide timely support before difficulties escalate,’ he said.

The importance of supporting children through life’s key stages, including leaving school or care, is outlined in the strategy, the Minister added.

‘The strategy provides a framework for the development of children’s services on the Isle of Man,’ said the Minister. ‘It provides a coherent and consistent guide to delivering the key outcomes we require if children are to grow up happy, healthy and ready to face adulthood.’

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