Manx Sport and Recreation, Sports Development Unit is a section of the Isle of Man Department of Tourism and Leisure (DTL). As part of the DTL vision for the future, a business plan is written which includes key aims to be achieved by the Sports Development Unit, which contributes to the health and social well being of the Islands residents. The Isle of Man Sports and Recreation Strategy 2002 - 2012 has been prepared by consultants Torkildsen Barclay, working with a steering group comprising representatives of the DTL and Isle of Man Sports Council. It is the result of extensive consultation with sports clubs and Governing Bodies of Sport, Government Ministers and Officers, Local Authorities, Schools, Disability groups, key sporting organisations and the general public. The Strategy sets out a vision for the continued development and growth of sport on the Island over the next 10 years, and the benefits that this will bring - not only to the sporting community, but to the education of young people, the health of local communities and the economy of the Island.

Aims and Objectives

One of the main aims of the Sports Development Unit is to assist the Isle of Man Sports Council deliver the objectives which have been set out in the Isle of Man Sport and Recreation Strategy. A copy of this Strategy can be found below, which is a vision for the development and growth of sport on the Island for 2002 - 2012. In addition a review of the Strategy was undertaken in 2006, which outlines the key achievements to date.

Performance Management

Each year the Sports Development Unit produce an annual review of the previous years work which is based around the Department of Tourism and Leisure plan and the Manx Sport and Recreation Service Delivery Plan. The 2007-08 Annual Review can be downloaded below, and demonstrates the key areas of work and successes of last year. In addition this document sets out our Key Performance Indicators for 2008-09, and the partner organisations the Sports Development Unit will work closley with to help achive these aims.