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Child protection policy

An essential area of work that the Sports Development is involved in is the safeguarding of Children, Young People, and Vulnerable Adults. In order to achieve our aims and objectives a policy has been written and implemented, following extensive consultation with the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), the Department of Social Care (DSC) and the the Island Child Protection Committee (ICPC).

The Policy will consist of various sections which will be available on the website as of October 2007. Much of this will include guidance and support for local Governing Bodies and Sports Clubs, as well as key information for coaches and volunteers who work in Sport. For further information:

Gianni Epifani

Sports Development Unit

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The Sport Development Unit run Safeguarding and Protecting workshop every 12 weeks, please see downloadable document. Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2 workshops are also offered. For more details on safeguarding courses, please contact Gianni Epifani on +44 1624 688556 or email:


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