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Environmental Policy

1.0 Introduction

Manx Sport and Recreation are committed to good environmental practice throughout the operation of all leisure facilities. The following document describes the Key Policy Statements, which form the basis of our Environmental Policy in the following areas:

  • Energy Management
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Legislation
  • Technology
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Transport
  • Noise Reduction
  • Education & Training

2.0 Energy Management

2.1 Key Policy Statement: Manx Sport and Recreation shall aim to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy, water and other natural materials to a minimum.

2.2.1 Manx Sport and Recreation aims to investigate and consider any new methods of energy or natural resource reduction.

2.2.2 The National Sports Centre will monitor energy usage and calculate CO2 emissions on a monthly basis, the waste heat reclaimed from the MEA has resulted in large energy savings and a significant reduction in emissions.

2.2.3 Energy surveys have been carried out and the following actions have been implemented:

  • Thermal insulating jackets on heating systems
  • Installing automatic closures to doors, revolving doors and hot air curtains
  • Use of heat reclaim system from MEA for greater efficiency at less cost
  • The purchase of IT equipment with low energy monitors. It is also government policy to shut down all computers each evening in order to save energy
  • Optimising all time controls and temperature controls to ensure they are operating at their most efficient
  • Heat recovery by means of plate heat exchangers on air handling units. New gym ventilation uses heat recovery fans to reduce energy.
  • The use of invertor controllers on large fans.
  • The installation of timed flow valves to showers and washbasins
  • Where possible standard light units are replaced by low energy fittings
  • Lighting controllers are to be fitted wherever possible in order to save energy

A planned maintenance schedule is carried out to ensure all plant and equipment is operated at its most efficient. This includes boiler efficiency, which helps reduce toxic or undesirable environmental emissions.

3.0 Waste Management and Recycling

3.1 Key Policy Statement : Manx Sport and Recreation shall make every effort towards the minimisation, separation and recycling of waste.

3.2 General Considerations

We will ensure that waste is disposed of in the correct manner in order to comply with The Control of Pollution (Special Waste) Regulations 1980 and in accordance with The Chemical (Hazard Information and Packaging) Regulations 1992 and The Environmental Protection Act 1990.

3.3 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

3.3.1 We will carry out COSHH assessments on all substances used and wherever and whenever possible reduce or eliminate any hazardous substances.

3.3.2 Non-asbestos materials will replace all asbestos products used in the maintenance of plant and equipment. There is also an asbestos register with management control systems in place.

3.3.3 Controls shall be in place to avoid or contain spillage of chemicals; emergency procedures for any spillage will be documented and all staff fully trained in carrying them out.

3.4 Toxic Waste

3.4.1 Toxic and non-routine waste such as battery fluid will be identified separately and its removal arranged and collected by a licensed contractor in accordance with the Control of Pollution Act.

3.4.2 CFC`s used in redundant air conditioning equipment will be recovered into special recovery cylinders and disposed of in compliance with the Geneva Convention through a registered contractor.

3.4.3 All new air conditioning plant and equipment will be required to include environmentally friendly refrigerant. Maintenance staff working on air conditioning plant and equipment will be trained in the handling of such refrigerants to avoid unnecessary release.

3.5 Routine Waste

3.5.1 Routine waste shall be collected weekly by the Douglas Corporation cleansing services. All external waste of this nature shall be stored in strong, closed containers in the designated area. All bags will be securely tied and skips where necessary shall be covered. To minimise risk, waste should not be left outside for collection longer than is necessary.

3.6 Blood, Body Fluids & Sharps

3.6.1 A specialist contractor shall collect the disposal of waste from nappy and sanitary bins.

3.6.2 Blood, body fluids and sharps shall be stored in special marked containers and removed by a specialist contractor for incineration.

3.7 Aluminium Cans

3.7.1 Aluminium Cans are being collected by the NSC café and are being collected by a local agent in order to be re-cycled.

3.8 Controlled & Confidential Documents

3.8.1 Controlled and confidential documents shall be shredded and disposed of as routine waste. Shredded paper is also being re-cycled as waste paper.

3.9 Waste Paper

3.9.1 White waste paper shall be collected in special bins in offices and recycled by an outside contractor. All staff will be encouraged to use both sides of any paper and re-use whenever possible.

3.9.2 The NSC will re-cycle all cardboard; this cardboard will be placed in a container for collection and re-cycled to reduce waste. An external contractor will collect the cardboard on demand.

3.9.3 Telephone directories are collected by Central Government Office for re-cycling.

3.9.4 Stamps from incoming mail are removed and given to a local charity.

3.10 Clothing

3.10.1 Clothes left in lost property and not claimed after the maximum storage date are sent for recycling or to charity shops.

3.11 Printer cartridges

3.11.1 Spent printer cartridges are returned to the supplier for re-cycling.

4.0 Legislation

4.1 Key Policy Statement: Manx Sport and Recreation shall fully conform to all environmental legislation and whenever possible introduce new methods or procedures before they become compulsory by law.

4.2 To help us ensure that any new legislation is communicated and acted upon as required we shall communicate regularly with the Environmental Health and Building Control sections of the government.

4.2.1 We shall subscribe to various appropriate trade journals and attend relevant seminars etc. to ensure that we are aware of and conversant with any forthcoming environmental legislation relevant to our industry.

5.0 Technology

5.1 Key policy Statement : Manx Sport and Recreation shall endeavour to be at the forefront of new technology regarding energy efficiency and concern for the environment.

5.2 We shall continue to show the commitment we have made over many years to install high technology plant and equipment to conserve energy and reduce pollution.

5.3 The OZONE pool disinfectant system has been replaced with Ultra Violet. This will reduce the maintenance costs associated with OZONE and also reduce the amount of chlorine needed in the pools, thus being more environmentally friendly.

5.4 We shall continue to investigate the feasibility of using new technology throughout the complex.

5.5 We will continue to use up to date computer technology to monitor and control the environment within our facilities, both to ensure optimum energy efficiency and to provide suitable conditions for participating in leisure and associated activities.

6.0 Plant and Equipment

6.1 Key Policy Statement: Manx Sport and Recreation shall ensure that all existing plant and equipment is maintained to operate at its most efficient; where new plant is to be specified all measures are taken to ensure the plant or equipment is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

7.0 Noise Protection

7.1 Key Policy Statement: Manx Sport and Recreation shall ensure that noise nuisance to local residents adjacent to their facilities is removed or reduced to a minimum.

7.2 Key Policy Statement: Manx Sport and Recreation shall provide staff with suitable personal protective equipment when they are likely to be in environments where noise levels may be detrimental to their hearing.

7.3 Key Policy Statement: Manx Sport and Recreation shall ensure that noise from music systems for aerobic classes etc. are set so as not to exceed recommended volume levels.

8.0 Transport

8.1 Key Policy Statement: Staff and members of the public shall be given every encouragement to arrive by bicycle, on foot or by public transport.

8.2 Cycle use shall be encouraged by the provision of cycle racks to allow bicycles to be secured outside the building. Staff have allocated areas for storage of their own cycles.

8.3 Staff will be encouraged to vehicle share.

9.0 Education & Training

9.1 Key Policy Statement: All Manx Sport and Recreation employees shall be given education and training in the Environmental Policy.

9.2 Training shall be given with regard to good day to day energy conservation practices in the workplace and the need to recycle waste wherever possible.

9.3 Manx Sport and Recreation shall actively encourage and educate customers to dispose of waste by sustainable methods, especially with respect to its catering and vending facilities.

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