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Customer Charter

Our Customer Promise

We value each and everyone of our customers, and aim to provide you with our best possible service. If we exceed or fall short of your expectations please donot hesitate to let a member of our team know. In addition to our Customer Care Policy displayed on this page, we have included PDF versions of our Customer Charter, comments form, Equity Policy Statement & Disability Access Statement.

Our Customer Care Policy - The Aim

We aim to provide a focal point for sport and active recreation and its development through the provision of Sports and Recreation services and to ensure through a balanced programme of activities and opportunities that the NSC meets it's key roles as:

  1. A community sports centre for the Isle of Man
  2. A focal point for the development of sport on the island
  3. A centre of sporting excellence
  • And thereby cater for the sporting and recreational needs and aspirations of the island community and visitors
  • Ensure that programmes provide opportunities and positive encouragement for all groups within the community
  • Ensure a pricing policy that, whilst meeting income targets, encourages maximum usage of all facilities
  • Ensure that, as far as practicable, price is not a barrier to usage by any user group
  • Present the NSC to its customers as a friendly and responsive facility with a strong emphasis on customer care
  • Provide an environment for young people, which meet their aspirations but at the same time, satisfy the legitimate aspirations of parents as to the safety of their children
  • Ensure at all times compliance with statutory requirements and with industry-established guidelines for the safe and effective operation of sporting facilities
  • Ensure that all facilities and equipment are maintained to a high standard commensurate with the status of the NSC
  • Work in partnership with Sports Development, with the Isle of Man Sports Council, with governing bodies of sport and other agencies
  • Market the NSC and it's facilities and services, both directly and through public relations, in a positive way, encouraging customer loyalty without becoming, in reality or perception, a restricted club
  • Promote an active and healthy lifestyle by participation at the desired level in sporting and recreational activities
  • During school hours (term time) provide an emphasis on the provision of services to educational users whilst ensuring the availability of services to other appropriate user groups
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