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Teacher exchanges

International teacher exchanges are available to teachers on the Island and are organised by the Central Bureau in London.

Applications for international teacher exchanges should be made in the first instance to the Department of Education and Children, where each application is considered on its own merit, and if approved, funding is made available to support the teacher's exchange.

Job exchanges for teachers on the Isle of Man is a principle which the Department of Education and Children supports. The mechanism for such exchanges is that each pair of teachers must seek approval from the appropriate governing or managing body.

Short term teacher placements are also supported by the Department of Education and Children. Firstly, through teacher placements in industry, which is organised centrally by the Department along the same lines as the UK national scheme for this, where teachers spend usually a week in a local business, with a very clear learning agenda. Secondly, short term placements in another school are also supported by the Department in order that a teacher may learn about a particular practice or system of organisation in another school. In cases such as these, the teacher should apply to his or her own headteacher, who will make arrangements with the corresponding headteacher of the other school.



Transport of pupils via buses to and from schools is the responsibility of Bus Vannin, part of the Department of Infrastructure. Any other transport arrangements are the responsibility of the Department of Education Sport and Culture.

Applications for home to school transport can be made by completing the following online application form:

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