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National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

The Department encourages deputy headteachers who are ready to apply for headship in their next application to undertake this qualification and has made available financial support for them to do so. The criteria for eligibility is that the teacher should already be a deputy headteacher with whole-school responsibilities and a realistic chance of becoming a headteacher in the short term. Those interested in pursuing this qualification should secure the support of their headteacher before contacting the Department. Further information is available on the Headship Qualification page or from:

Education Improvement Service

Department of Education Sport and Culture

Thie Slieau Whallian

St John's

Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685808

Email:Send Email

A formal application should then be made to the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services  for acceptance on to the course.

Nursery education

From September 2012, pre-school (nursery) education has been provided by private and voluntary providers only. Parents can receive credit towards nursery places, which they can top up according to their need. Details of how to receive the credit can be found on the Pre-school page.


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