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Health and safety

The Department's Health and Safety policy can be accessed online.

Health education

Healthy Futures was a multi-agency initiative which directed the development of approaches to health education across a number of sectors. Work has progressed from this within individual agencies and while the Department of Education, Sport and Culture uses the key principles that underpinned Healthy Futures, this part of our service is evolving. We now have a greater emphasis on the development of skills within the Department's health education provision to encourage children and young people to make good choices regarding their own health. 

Higher education

The Department supports pupils moving to higher education in the UK or at the University College Isle of Man (UCM) with fee payment and a system of means-tested maintenance awards. This support is fully detailed in the Isle of Man Student Awards Regulations, which are updated annually. Application forms and further details are available on the student grants page or from the Student Awards Section at the Department of Education and Children, email Student Awards.


School holidays are published by the Department according to the traditional 3-term year pattern. This information is normally published 2 years in advance.  

Home Education

The Education Act requires parents to present their children for education at school or to make arrangements for their education ‘otherwise’. This can be at home or at a private school etc. With effect from 1 September 2009, parents who educate their children at home or send them to a school other than a Department-run school are required by law to advise the Department via the Home or Private Education form, downloadable on this page.

For information, there is an independent Manx Home Education Association that can be contacted through the following email address (This is an external email address which is nothing to do with the Isle of Man Government and is not maintained by us. Therefore, we cannot take responsibility over your choice to make contact with the Manx Home Education Association via this means).

Tour of Tynwald

On behalf of the Office of the Clerk of Tynwald please note the opportunities available as part of our Education and Outreach Programme to enable Private or Home Educated pupils to engage with Tynwald, the oldest continuous parliament in the world.

Q&A Tour

Tours can be arranged at any time when the chambers are available. This is usually any day except Tuesdays or the third Wednesday and Thursday of every month when Tynwald is sitting.

We will guide you around the historic chambers throughout the Legislative Buildings and share our story from the Viking age through to Tynwald’s position today as the oldest parliament in the world in continuous operation.
There are plenty of opportunities for engagement and we actively encourage everyone to ask questions.

We recommend allowing at least one hour for a tour.

The tour is designed to introduce students to their local parliament, providing a real understanding of democracy and citizenship.

Watch a Live Sitting

Students are also welcome to attend a live sitting of the House of Keys or Tynwald and sit in the Public Galleries.

Please contact if you wish to attend any sittings.

View a full list of sitting dates on Tynwald website.


Schools will have different approaches to the use of homework to support children's learning which will depend on factors such as the age of pupils and the needs of the curriculum. It would be normal to expect your child's school to communicate with you about how homework is used in their school.

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