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Delegated Financial Management

Delegated Financial Management operates at all 32 primary schools, at the 5 secondary schools and at the University College Isle of Man (UCM). It is based on a number of key principles:

  • That each of the institutions will be delegated the funding to which it is reasonably entitled.
  • The notion of 'reasonable entitlement' carries with it the caveat that there should be no detrimental effect on the rest of the Education Service; that the Department continues to exercise its responsibilities and duties effectively; and that services which can be provided more efficiently from the centre are not fragmented.
  • The results of delegation should not increase bureaucracy or simply dislocate it to local levels
  • Internal trading arrangements should not develop if they consume time and generate their own bureaucratic systems.
  • Each institution must continue to comply with legal, financial, personnel, Governmental and Departmental policy requirements.
  • Each institution will be fully monitored and held accountable for its performance.


The curriculum is appropriately differentiated to match the various needs of all pupils. Pupils' tasks are matched to their age, aptitude and ability. Teachers use the information they gain from assessment to plan appropriately for the pupils.


It is Department policy that schools and the University College Isle of Man (UCM) take steps to minimise difficulties and teach all children and students how to behave and show care and tolerance.

Drugs and substance use and misuse

The Department provides pupils with age appropriate advice on drug and alcohol misuse as part of its Health Education Programmes.

Topics within Health Education Programmes in schools include:

  • Drugs and alcohol education
  • Relationships and Sex education
  • Healthy diet
  • Emotional health and well-being
  • Physical activity.

The Health Education Officer provides ongoing support and training for DEC staff in this area:

Samantha Lund, Physical and Emotional Health Education Officer

Telephone:+44 1624 693840

Email:Send Email

Local agencies that may be approached for drug and alcohol advice include:

Drug and Alcohol Team

Telephone:+44 1624 617889

Motiv8 Addiction Services

Telephone:+44 1624 627656 or +44 1624 426400

Email:Send Email

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