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Breadth of 14 to 19 education

Schools and the University College Isle of Man (UCM) are encouraged to cooperate to offer level 1, level 2 (both equivalent to GCSEs) and level 3 (equivalent to A Level courses) according to the needs of their students and with regard to the strengths or specific curriculum areas. Every attempt should be made to ensure that work-related courses lead to a progression route at the UCM and that courses in schools are not unnecessarily replicating those at UCM.

Brochures (prospectuses)

Each of the Island's primary and secondary schools produces a brochure for distribution to parents that indicates the main features of the school, describes the curriculum to be followed, explains the policies of the school and sets out how the school operates on a day to day basis. Many schools are moving to electronic-only prospectuses. Copies of some schools' prospectuses are available for inspection at:

Department of Education, Sport and Culture

Corporate Services Division

Thie Slieau Whallian

St John's

Isle of Man


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However, many schools are moving over to holding only e-prospectuses.

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