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Pilot Summer Holiday Activity and Food Programme

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The Holiday Activity and Food pilot programme ran over Summer 2022 as a joint project between Cabinet Office, Public Health and Department of Education Sport and Culture and was a similar scheme to those already operating in the UK.

This programme provided children who receive Free School Meals access to a Holiday Activity and Food programme place over the Summer Holiday period free of charge.

The Cabinet Office and Public Health would like to thank our activity providers: Active Souls (Futures by Active Souls); The IOM Children’s Centre, Firestarter and; Fit Kids. Thank you also to the Youth Service staff who covered the additional sessions across the Island over the summer period.


In total 1143 children attended over 85 sessions during the school holiday period.

A total of £55,059.25 was issued to providers from the £90,000 fund.

Success factors

Attendance numbers indicate that this type of provision can be supported or promoted by the Youth Service based on reach.

Those who attended a programme:

  • were able to attend free of charge

  • received at least one free, nutritious meal per session

  • were able to participate in activities that increased physical activity and social interaction during the holiday period

Activity providers:

  • were able to run pilot sessions with security that they would be supported by government

  • would be happy to engage with similar projects in future

  • received positive feedback from parents, attendees and via social media


  • Covering all areas of the island was identified as out of scope for the pilot programme

  • Identifying and engaging with those families who receive free school meals

  • Planning and resourcing programmes with short time-frames

  • Engaging with providers outside of government for activities and/or healthy food

  • Specialist providers to allow access to the programme for those with additional needs, over and above reasonable adjustments, did not come forward for funding

  • Occasional 'No shows' after spaces were pre-booked, meaning that this space was unable to be filled at short notice

  • Negative feedback from parents/carers from those who were seeking free childcare arrangements for which the pilot programme was not intended

  • Ability for parents/guardians to fit in with other commitments/arrangements over the holiday period

  • Consistency of provision throughout

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